Plan Organization

How Plan Bridgeport is Organized

The Plan is organized around guiding principles which are identified in the Plan’s vision statement. The Plan also identifies goals that support the guiding principles and strategies that provide guidance on how to achieve the goals. Specific actions are identified in the implementation section of the Plan. Actions are the step by step methods of implementing strategies and achieving goals.

The plan also identifies four areas, or themes, that should be prioritized for implementation. These themes follow on the priorities identified in the 2008 POCD, and describe development strategies to pursue over the coming decade. They include:

  • Waterfront 
  • Clean, protect and redevelop the Waterfront as an economic engine and recreational resource.

  • Transit Oriented Development 
  • Concentrate dense, mixed use and walkable development around upgraded multimodal transportation infrastructure.

  • Neighborhoods 
  • Strengthen neighborhood centers and corridors by reviving commercial activity and ensuring connectivity to other neighborhoods and the Downtown.

  • Housing 
  • Create the necessary conditions for increased residential development, at all price points and of all types, that can be financed without City assistance.